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The time is now.

I've waited for this moment for 2+ years. The sun is shining and Covid is in our rearview mirror. Now what? I've heard it over and over, heck I've said it myself, "I can't wait to get back to normal life". But where to start?

During the pandemic, we learned that nothing was more critical than our physical and mental health. Everything else is secondary. Over that time we developed new practices. Some are terrific, and others not so much.

No one receives a manual on how to live life to its greatest potential. We all are born and we all die. What we do and how we spend the finite amount of time in between is a choice. We do what is important, what is a priority and we choose not to do everything else.

Living well, being healthy, being happy, and being peaceful is a practice. It's an important practice. To progress in any practice, you need discipline. It requires you to actively participate. It requires you to make it a priority. You have to choose it. You have to show up for yourself every day, not just when it's convenient, and to do the less significant tasks when you have the time.

Don't let perfect be the enemy of progress. One more time. PERFECT is the enemy of progress.

Progress is a plan put into action.

  1. Make an appointment with yourself every day. Put your appointment on your calendar just like you would with another person.

  2. Be a kind friend to yourself. You wouldn't cancel an appointment with someone else last minute and you wouldn't reschedule them unless it was really needed.

  3. No matter what you do, keep that time just for you. Your most important role in this world is to take care of yourself. Everything else is secondary.

  4. NO excuses. Develop your discipline muscle and show up for yourself every day.

Now the question remains. What will you do with your me-time? I hope you'll meditate, breathe, reflect, move and cultivate love and kindness. If that is your choice, I'll see you in practice with us ;)




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