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E-CYT500, CEP, Reiki Practitioner

and fully vaccinated for Covid-19

Marlena’s journey began in 1999. After many years of fitness routines with repetitive movements, her joints had suffered. Her physical pain caused her to reevaluate her approach to wellness and explore yoga. She found the Vinyasa practices to be both dynamic and physically challenging, however, what she ultimately found was a pathway to the benefits of yoga on a deeper level.

Her personal practice not only helped her body, but it also allowed her to peel back the many energetic layers to reveal the work required to resolve her PTSD. Through her practice, she was able to control panic attacks, reprogram her nervous system and open her heart. Her practice saved her when she felt broken, changing her life for the better. She recognized that many others suffer quietly and is deeply committed to being of service to others in sharing the benefits of yoga.

Marlena’s practice is one of continual study and growth. She continues to explore the depths of the practice physically, mentally, and spiritually. She fills her time with study in training and intensives with many teachers and styles of practice. She currently holds certifications in PranaVayu II with David Magone, Yin Yoga I with Josh Summers, Core Strength Vinyasa with Sadie Nardini, Balanced Athlete I with Johnny Gillespie.

Additionally, she has completed 300 hrs of Advanced Teacher Training with Jacqui Bonwell with a focus in western science and movement modality and another 300 hrs with Raghunath Cappo with a focus on yogic philosophy, Ayurveda, Thai Massage, and advanced asana.

She is fortunate to have studied in-depth through intensives with David Vendetti, Shiva Rea, Beryl Bender Birch, and other world-renowned teachers in addition to many talented local teachers.


Marlena's classes combine the science of modern movement modalities with ancient eastern wisdom and philosophy. Her classes are designed for all levels of the practitioner with an emphasis on the cultivation of breath and mindful movement while remaining challenging and strong. She firmly believes that we can’t rush subtle energetics throughout our body nor the many benefits resulting from a regular practice; we must settle in, be patient, and do our work to fully experience yoga. Her classes feature playful sequencing, music, and close with deeply relaxing guided meditations, mantra, and kirtan. Her multi-faceted approach results in a well-balanced physical practice, a higher state of consciousness, and joyful being.

In 2013 she founded Mantra Yoga in Danvers, MA. a home for all levels of practitioners and a place to explore their practice while being supported by a welcoming community. Where physical fitness is a benefit of practice and not the only goal. Where balance through a variety of styles, movements, and techniques work to restore our body. Where sweat comes from work of breath and building the internal fire, rather than coming from a heating vent. Where yogic philosophy is gently offered rather than forced. A home most importantly, where the community is the nectar from which we all grow and feed our souls.


Marlena’s Mantra: Those who dare to believe they can effect change in the world are the ones who do. - Steve Jobs

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