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Membership Information

Welcome to our Membership Information page! Here, you'll find everything you need to know about our membership options, contracts, studio booking policies, and more. We believe in transparency and clarity, so you can focus on what truly matters - your yoga journey.

  • Do I need to pre-book my class?
    Yes, pre-booking is required as we cannot accept walk-ins. You can easily create your account online, reserve your class, and purchase your new pass on our website or through the Walla client app.
  • What do I need to bring with me?
    Your smile and optimistic outlook :) In addition: Yoga Mat Water Small towel If you have any props you'd like to bring; you're welcome to do so. Props offered in the studio: One block One blanket One strap One bolster (for restorative practices)
  • Is there a beginner's class? What if I can't do everything in the class?
    Don't worry! All our classes are beginner-friendly. Our expert instructors adapt and modify every pose to accommodate all skill levels. If a class interests you, go for it!
  • What do I need to bring with me?
    What to Bring to Your Sessions at Mantra Yoga: Yoga Mat Water Bottle A towel and of course, your smile and an optimistic outlook! If you have personal props you'd like to bring, you are welcome to bring them. We provide one block, one blanket, one strap, (and one bolster for restorative practices) in the studio for your use in practice.
  • Studio Etiquette at Mantra Yoga - Creating a Peaceful Space:
    Studio Etiquette at Mantra Yoga - Creating a Peaceful Space: Arrival Time: Please arrive 5 - 10 minutes before your class begins. This helps you settle in and start your practice with a calm mind. Shoe-Free Zone: Kindly remove your shoes upon entering. Our clean wood floors are a no-shoe area to keep away germs and bacteria. Your feet will thank you! Personal Belongings: Leave your bags and other items in the greeting area (the rugged space). It's safe and sound there. Phone-Free Practice: Turn off your phone when you arrive. Embrace this time to disconnect and be present in your practice. What to Bring Into the Practice Area: Bring only your mat, water bottle, and towel into the practice space. To keep the area clear and safe, please no cell phones or extra items. Cleanliness Matters: Arrive clean and in fresh clothes. It's all part of respecting yourself and the shared space.
  • What should I wear?
    Wear clothing that allows you to move freely. Athletic wear or loose-fitting sweats and t-shirts are best. Many practitioners bring layers, as your body’s temperature will rise during the active portions of class and fall during final relaxation.
  • Are your classes hot?
    No, our classes are heated to a comfortable 70-75 degrees, ensuring you feel comfortable throughout the class.
  • Got Questions or Need Help with Your Membership?
    No problem. You'll find most all your answers on our Membership FAQs page.
  • Memberships: I need help with...
    No problem we've got the answers you're looking for on our Membership FAQs page:
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