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Mask Mandate Lifted, Yay!

Take a deep breath, masks are now optional!

The town of Danvers (along with surrounding areas) has lifted the requirement for masks in doors and we couldn't be happier about it.

We're all eager to put the last two years behind us and move forward into 2022 with a new sense of optimism, joy, and belonging.

Recognizing where we are and where we want to go is important. Our ultimate goal at Mantra Yoga is wellness. We don't just "work out". To create deep change in ourselves and our lives, we have always been focused on the "work-in." In the end, if we don't commit to the journey of a yoga practice, we will never experience its benefits.

These next few months will be focused on releasing us from the deep fear, anxiety, and trauma of the past couple of years. Mindfulness and meditation have always been integral to our offerings, but now they are emphasized even more. Our body, our mind, and our spirits need it, and yoga is an excellent tool for restoring our balance.

To all who were members of our community prior to the pandemic, we really miss you. We've noticed you're not practicing with us in the studio and we really wish you'll dust off your mat and join us once again in your practice at Mantra Yoga. We hope to see your smiling faces SOON in practice.




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