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Our students are at the heart of everything we do, and their satisfaction and personal transformation are our greatest source of pride.

Here's what clients

are saying


"Mantra Yoga is by far the greatest yoga experience in studio I have ever experienced. Marlena is amazing she keeps you inspired to do your best while pushing you to new limits. It’s like a family atmosphere each class is different too so you keep focused on new techniques just a simple change of your hand or foot position and you feel a different Feeling. She definitely has my vote for best yoga, teacher, and mentor. She gets to know all her students personally, which is why I would recommend anyone looking to try yoga or continue their practice Marlena rocks."

- D.S.

"One of the greatest classes ever. Hard to describe how unreal it was unless you were in the room.  Marlena just has the ability to take you to a place you didn’t know you could get to."

- M.H

"Two months into my membership and I’m experiencing significant improvements to my stress response, increased energy and flexibility, and more strength. The instructors at Mantra have become a daily presence in my life. I’m a beginner and they are so encouraging. In fact all the members are too. I’m getting into a new routine and I’m so thankful for this studio and the improvements it’s contributed to my life."

- C.M.

"Every time I visit Mantra,  it's like the weight of the world lifts off my shoulders!  Such a great community and the team of instructors.  Thankful to have been a member over a year and a half and look forward to many more classes!"

- S.L.

We hope these stories inspire you to take the first step on your own journey towards physical, mental, and spiritual wellness.


Join us at Mantra Yoga Studio and experience the transformative power of yoga for yourself.

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