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Mantra Yoga Studio Reopening

September 10th!

I'm thrilled to announce I'll be back in the studio at our new location in Danvers! I look forward to seeing your smiling faces and feeling the warmth of our beautiful Mantra Yoga community again.

I'm opening my schedule to offer more private sessions regularly and offering a portfolio of diverse courses and workshops covering many topics, techniques, and styles of yoga practice in the coming months.

Throughout 2019 and before the pandemic, I had been reimagining the yoga studio and its business model. I was shopping for a property to purchase for Mantra Yoga as our lease commitment was ending in the spring of 2020. I knew then I wanted to provide more depth of practice and progress-driven courses. Once the pandemic entered our lives, I paused everything to reevaluate my plan. After eighteen months, I feel confident that what I had imagined in 2019 is all the more perfect and beneficial now and moving forward.

Imagine for a moment going to college. You're able to take a single class. You can drop into a class whenever you feel like it. Maybe you go a couple of times a week, and someone else goes once a month, and another goes five days a week. Everyone would be at a different level of understanding and progression. Will it hinder the progress of all attending each class if the teacher tries to accommodate each student attending each class equally? Of course, it would. If we want to learn the theory of relativity, we cannot accomplish it in a single class. We must commit to the learning process, and in the process, we gain depth of knowledge.

As the adage goes: Give a person a fish and feed them for the day. Teach a person to fish and feed them for a lifetime.

It's not unlike going to take a single class vs. participating in a course.

I believe a good teacher doesn't feed us for only the day. The teacher strives to give us their knowledge and understanding so we can become confident and self-reliant, while also inspiring us to continue our work in progress.

When you come to practice with me at Mantra Yoga, I will provide you with my knowledge and expertise. I will be committed to you as your teacher and do my best to make this ancient practice come alive, and make living yoga more accessible to you. You will be amongst a cohort of like-minded individuals who are committed to self-betterment and inspired to be their personal best.

Is the new studio group course format for everyone? No, and that's okay. There are many options to drop into workshops too. However, if you are curious about exploring the depth of your practice and know that drop-in classes haven't been as fulfilling and beneficial as you know they can be, then courses may be a perfect fit for you.

With the evolving pandemic, we know that nothing is perfect nor challenge-free. We'll take this month to month and practice science-driven systems for safety, ultimate health benefit, and peace of mind. Doesn't that sound familiar? That's yoga :)

I'm so excited to see you again in practice. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to connect with me.


Opening Details:

  • When: September 10th!

  • Where: 227 Newbury Street, Second Floor, Danvers, MA. (Above Precision Pilates)

  • What: Offering Private Sessions, Workshops, Courses, Livestream, and On-Demand Video.

  • How: By Appointment Only. Online registration is now open. Booking Closes 24 hrs before the offerings start time.

Covid-19 Protocols:

  • Marlena is fully vaccinated for Covid-19.

  • Proof of Covid vaccination is required to practice in the studio without a mask. You will only be required to provide your vaccination cards upon arrival once. If you're not fully vaccinated and do not wish to wear a mask in the studio, we offer online streaming options for you.

  • In-studio group offerings are limited to 10 participants.

  • Studio windows will be open for airflow when weather permits.

  • Props: You are welcome to bring your props (blocks, straps, bolsters, eye pillows). Studio props are available that are appropriate for individual workshops and courses. Ex: Bolsters will be offered for restorative sessions only and laundered after each use.


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