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2023 Policy Update

Cancellation Policy Update.

Recently we've seen many people booking spots and canceling them late. Unfortunately, we've also had too many people book and are no-shows for their booking.

How does this affect you? First, it claims spots in classes you can't book. Second, these spots only become available shortly before class begins. Recently, we had a class that had 9 cancellations of 15 available spots, resulting in more than half of the spots available not being able to be filled and enjoyed by our yogis. In scenarios like this, everyone loses.

Our goal will always be for you to have access to a profoundly beneficial yoga practice. To ensure this for you, we must update our cancellation and no-show policy to reflect the industry standard.

Effective immediately:
  • All classes will have a firm 12-hour late cancellation policy.

  • Limited Pass holders will lose a class credit when canceling within 12 hrs before the start of class.

  • Unlimited Pass holders will be charged a late cancellation fee of $15

  • No-Shows: $20 fee for all pass types.

  • Anyone who repeatedly cancels late or no-shows for their bookings may have their future bookings revoked, and booking privileges will be suspended until their account is in good standing.

Reminder: All Sessions clearly have the cancelation policy listed directly below the Register/Withdraw button within every class listing.

Things to remember:

  • Please only book sessions you are fully committed to attending.

  • If there is a waitlist for a class you love, take advantage of it, and you will be notified when a spot opens.

  • You may book classes online up to 5 minutes before class starts if both spots are available and the minimum booking requirement for classes is met.

Thank you for your continued energy, effort, and courtesy to our community. We look forward to sharing the benefits of the practice with you.


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