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Located in the heart of Danvers, MA., everything we do at MANTRA Yoga, from top to bottom is of the highest quality to ensure we’re equipped to help you reach your goals of a healthy and fit lifestyle. 


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Yoga Classes

Daily classes for newbies to advancing practitioners.



Strength & Flexibility



Meditation & Flexibility



Meditation & Restoration


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beginners yoga

Foundations & Basic's

Greatness Begins Now

Are you ready to change your body, free your mind and live with ease?


"The best time to plant a tree was 20 yrs ago.

The second best time is NOW."

- Chinese proverb


Now is the time for a "Fresh Start" with our New Client Special

Deepen Your Practice

Explore your existing  or new practice with specialized guidance specifically designed for you.

- Private Yoga to refine and align your posture practice

- Therapeutic Yoga to cultivate enhance your well being

- Meditation to create mindfulness and peace

- Reiki to balance and release energetic blockage and increase overall ease

News at Mantra Yoga

Transform The Body and The Mind Will Follow

The practice of yoga is a lifestyle that anyone and everyone can incorporate into daily life. The physical postures called Asana (Sanskrit for comfortable seat) are one tool in our toolbox of self care and they're the first step for many entering a fulfilling practice and transformational journey into our highest self.



Asana is one of the Eight Limbs of Yoga. We move, twist, shape the physical body and breathe into every cell of our magnificence, creating space, comfort, mobility and deeper awareness of self. 

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Yoga is a system, not of beliefs, but of techniques and guidance for enriched living. It is the journey of the self through the self, on the path to pure consciousness.



Meditation is the practice of transforming our mind through various techniques and practices to develop concentration, clarity, emotional positivity, and a calm awareness of the true nature of things.

Mantra Yoga – 200hr Teacher Training Immersion

Do you want to deepen your personal practice or share it with others? Mantra Yoga is a Registered School of Yoga with the Yoga Alliance.

This transformation experience is for those aspiring to teach yoga as well as those simply looking to deepen their practice as modern day yogis.

Designed to align with your demanding schedule, this teacher training will root you in both the art and science of yoga.

With the completion of this 200 hour course you’ll not only be ready and well prepared to teach yoga, but also live a more fulfilling, rewarding life.

Mantra Yoga Community

If you want to go quickly, go alone.
If you want to go far, go together
— African proverb

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Annual Peace, Love & Joy Class: Christmas Eve 2017

Seva for charity: Mantra Yoga Teacher Training Graduation 2018