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Spring Has Sprung: Your Guide for Spring Yoga Classes, Courses, and Life-Changing Yoga Immersions.

April 2022

You become what you surround yourself with.

Energies are contagious.

Choose carefully.

Your environment will become you.

Spring has finally sprung! The grass is sprouting and I'm excited about the sunshine.

Our journey out of hibernation is a good time to prioritize and pay attention to the most meaningful aspects of our lives. That sounds easier than it is. The world is so busy that there are many things vying for our attention. Focusing on the most significant priorities and allocating our energy and time to them is a daily practice. At the end of the day, we all want to feel we spent our time wisely and surrounded ourselves with the most positive energy.

As such, Spring represents a fresh start and a new beginning. A time to set goals and highlight our priorities for the new season. Think about what is most meaningful to you. The first step to manifesting new beneficial practices in the future is taking simple steps like this. Plan your week and prioritize the most significant elements of your life and schedule a daily appointment with yourself to take care of yourself. In the past couple of years, we have learned that our health and well-being are critical. Perhaps what we used to believe was significant before Covid may not be significant in the grand scheme of things now.

Journey To Living Well: Hatha-Vinyasa Immersion

This immersion is a section of my 200 hr Teacher Training. Many have taken my training in the past to deepen their individual personal practice but do not have a desire to teach professionally. I've broken my 200 hr training into four modules and created a schedule for those who work, have children, and have no desire to spend their entire weekend couped up in a room.

This module is 100 hrs, on Tuesdays & Thursdays from 6-8 pm with one Saturday per month from 10-4 pm. This schedule is easy to adhere to and still enjoy a busy lifestyle.

Those who commit to a deep dive into their practice find it life-changing. Each training I have personally taken has been a milestone in my life and benefited me forever.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to connect with me. I'd be honored to share the journey with you.

Starting Tuesday, April 12th at 6 pm.

Early bird discount savings end April 1st. - Don't miss this opportunity to save. I will not extend the discount as it is not fair to others who invested early.

Replenish: Restorative Yoga, Reiki, and Essential Oils

April course series

Wednesdays April 13th - May 4th, from 6 -7 pm, with Marlena

Replenish is a quiet practice designed to restore our physical, mental, and energetic bodies. The stressors in the world inundate us demanding our attention resulting in feelings of anxiety and exhaustion. The practice is designed to recalibrate and replenish our nervous system through deeply therapeutic postures, breathing techniques for relaxation, and meditations for compassion and joy. Reiki-infused gentle hands-on assistance provides our energetic body the ability to redirect and recharge while offering a deeply relaxing experience.

This all-levels practice can be enjoyed and benefit all who can comfortably lay on the floor.


$68 (early bird registration by April 6th) | $88 Thereafter


Friday, April 8th, from 7:00 - 8:30 pm, with Lisa

Lisa is offering her first workshop in years! Join her for a blissful body meditation that combines gentle Flow, Yin, and Restorative practices to create an invigorating, relaxing, and deeply regenerative experience.

Yoga Classes

Did you know we offer drop-in classes in addition to our other courses, workshops, and training?

Take a peek at all our awesome classes. Treat yourself well and book yourself a session today!

Updated April Yoga class schedule








Private Sessions

Private Sessions

9:15 Nourish ❤️

Private Sessions

9:15 Nourish & Nurture❤️

8:30 Agni❤️

4:45 Nourish & Nurture ❤️

Private Sessions

4:45 Nourish❤️

Private Sessions

4:45 Stretch 💙

10:00 Nurture 💙

10:00 Ananda💙

6:00 Yin💙

6:00 Immersions

6:00 Harmony💙

6:00 Immersions

Livestream Classes Update

Due to the lack of interest in Livestream classes, we are discontinuing them. We all know Livestream is no replacement for the ritual practice of showing up, feeling the energy of space, smelling the incense, unrolling your mat, settling in, connecting with a community of friends, and sharing energy together in practice. Please join us live-in-the-flesh within the studio. We'd love to share the practice with you.

Memberships & Class Packs

Thank you for making it this far - you're a champ!

We've created new affordable memberships and additional class passes. I've designed these passes to motivate you and promote your regular practice. All passes expire within one month (again, to motivate you to use them). Giddy-Up and get back on your mat and let's get stronger and better every day!


  • Prana: 8 classes monthly $120

  • Ojas: 6 classes monthly $102

Class Passes:

  • 6 pack: $120

  • Trio: $66

  • Single: $25

  • Fresh Start | 4 classes within 2 weeks: $49 (for new and returning clients - one per person)

If you are experiencing financial hardship, please contact me. I've never turned away any of your tried and true community for financial reasons. My passion is to share this practice with all who value it.

Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow is a dream. All we have is today. So let's get busy being our best right now.

See you in practice!


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