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August Schedule Updates + New 7:30 am classes begin next week 🎉

Beginning Next Week – Join us on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings from 7:30 - 8:30 am, in the studio with Marlena.

Dynamically move your body, expand your capacity for deep mindful breaths, and start your day by treating yourself with loving care.

Our Move classes are all-levels challenging, welcoming, and rejuvenating. Book now & join us!

What else is happening in August?

  • Evening and weekend classes will be suspended from August 1st - Labor Day.

Why? With all the best intentions we yogis have, over the past 10 yrs, y'all rarely participate in those sessions during the month of August. Heck with the little remaining time to enjoy the beach, travel, and plans for family gathers, we understand and we're with you! ***membership holders please see below.

  • Private Yoga Sessions are offered throughout August with additional evening and weekend hours now available. It's a great time to book a private session for yourself and/or a group of friends.

  • Private Reiki Sessions are also available for the cultivation of balance and bliss.

  • You may also take advantage our Video-On-Demand classes to enjoy practice anytime and in any place that is convenient for you.

Summer Break:

All classes are canceled from August 20th - Labor Day. Our full Fall schedule will resume Tuesday, September 6th.

Fall Schedule:

More classes, Series, Workshops, and Immersions!

  • September: More weekday classes before and after work hours.

  • September: Begin Series – A beginner's flow series designed to build foundational skills and begin a beneficial practice with confidence.

  • October: Yin Yoga & Meditation Immersion – This immersive experience will free your body, and free your mind. Yin yoga is a beneficial physical practice for both athletes, desk jockeys and is a complimentary practice for your Hatha/Vinyasa practice. This Immersion will dig deep into theory and techniques preparing you to enjoy and incorporate its benefits into your daily life.

  • November: Yoga Philosophy Immersion – The yoga of love Bhakti Immersion. We'll delve into philosophy, the Chakras, Kirtan, Meditation, Ayurvedic practices, and daily personal rituals for the cultivation of an open joyful heart.

I look forward to seeing you in practice. Have an OM-azing summer!




* Class cards will be extend upon request for the two weeks of Summer break closure.

**Promotional discounted memberships will remain active through August 19th, regardless of attendance. You may cancel your membership within your account settings both on the website and within the app, however, promotions are a one time offer. You may purchase another membership at the non-promotional price after our Summer break ends.

*** Non–promotional auto pay memberships may contact Marlena to pause your membership during the month of August and pay a drop-in fee to attend individual classes.


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