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Mantra Yoga

Embrace and Ignite Your Inner Teacher: Hatha Yoga Immersion - Module Two

Embrace the the journey and share your love of yoga. Module Two of our Hatha - Vinyasa training delves deep into the anceint wisdom of yoga, asana, movement, and the energy within that lights the way for yourself and your future students.

Embrace and Ignite Your Inner Teacher: Hatha Yoga Immersion - Module Two
Embrace and Ignite Your Inner Teacher: Hatha Yoga Immersion - Module Two

Time & Location

Time is TBD

Mantra Yoga, 101 Rear High St, Danvers, MA 01923, USA

About the event

A Journey from Practitioner to Teacher Awaits

Are you feeling the call to deepen your yoga practice, to transform the personal into the universal, and to turn your passion into your purpose? Our Hatha Yoga Immersion - Module Two invites you to step into your power and your potential, igniting your inner teacher.

Dive Deeper, Rise Higher

  1. Align Weekend: Discover the art of alignment that resonates with body, mind, and spirit. Dance with grace, meet yourself where you are, and share your inner light with others.
  2. Depth Weekend: Venture into the mysteries of the body and spirit, exploring kinetic chains, chakras, and Ayurveda. Unlock wisdom hidden within your very being.
  3. Connect Weekend: Embrace the transformative power of touch. Learn to lead with love, guide with compassion, and teach from the heart's sacred space.
  4. Lead Weekend: Uncover your authentic teaching voice, speak with clarity and confidence, all while embodying humility and presence.
  5. Ritual Weekend: Dive into the sacred rituals of yoga. Weave sequences and themes, teach from vulnerability, and honor the ancient traditions.

Your Path to Transformation

  • Online Anatomy: Embark on a virtual journey through the human body before each weekend, illuminating the connection between anatomy and asana.
  • Homework: Engage with daily practices, readings, and reflections to deepen your understanding. (Additional cost for books)
  • Teaching Practice: Spread your wings and teach public classes, transforming lives one breath at a time.
  • Seva Project: Embrace the spirit of service through a collective charity project, embodying yoga's universal love.

Prerequisites and a Heartfelt Invitation

  • Completion of Module One: Come with an open heart, having explored and experienced our first transformative module.
  • A Desire to Grow: This is your call to adventure, an invitation to those ready to blossom into the teachers they were meant to be.

Join Marlena Bruno, Your Guide:

Marlena's three decades of wisdom and compassion await you. Her teachings are an embrace, a soft whisper of encouragement guiding you along the path of love, devotion, and the Eight Limbed Path of Ashtanga.

Are You Ready to Answer the Call?

Limited spots are available for this intimate and transformative journey. Your inner teacher is waiting to be awakened, your authentic self ready to shine. Step into your destiny with Mantra Yoga's Hatha Yoga Immersion - Module Two.


  • Dates: Fall 2024 (Sept - December) Saturdays & Sundays - dates & timesTBD


  • Deposit to Hold Your Spot: $250 (deducted from your total investment fee)
  • Early Registration by August 1, 2024: $1620
  • Thereafter: $1800


Secure early access today by RSVPing for exclusive early registration access to this limited offer. Act fast before space runs out and this opportunity becomes unavailable to the public.

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