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Therapeutic Yoga Consultation


Private Therapeutic Yoga Sessions (PTYS) are designed to aid in the recovery of physical injury and misalignment patterns (samskaras) while learning new samskaras and developing strong, new physical behavioral patterns.

This consultation is designed to discuss your unique needs and goals to allow for a customized program to be designed for practice in your PTYS.

Therapeutic Yoga sessions are uniquely designed for each individual's specific physical needs that include customized, accessible daily practices.

Sessions may include:

  • Restorative postures to clear energetic blockages

  • Yin postures to lubricate joints and increase your range of motion passively.

  • Hatha postures for strengthening areas of instability.

  • Meditation for clarity and mindfulness.

  • Pranayama for increased breath and flow of energy.

  • Reiki for energetic clearing and restoration.

Your PTYS includes:

  • Three 60 minute private sessions in the studio. -

  • Take home practices -

  • Biweekly assessments for tracking progress and adjustments as needed.

** This booking is for a 30-minute consultation only and is required prior to the booking of PTYS

A 30-minute consultation is required prior to booking your first PTYS with Marlena. The consultation investment will be credited toward your PTYS package upon booking your PTYS within 14 days of your consultation.

  • 30 min Virtual Consult: $25

  • 60 min PTYS: $275 (includes 3 sessions)

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