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Learn rewarding techniques and practices for a joyful state of mind.

  • 55 min
  • Newbury Street

Service Description

Meditation, well-known as a method for releasing stress, is also a simple, yet powerful way to reconnect with our own basic awareness and goodness. Private sessions with Marlena help you begin a meditation practice or renew your commitment to meditation practices, deepening your understanding of the practice and refining your technique for better results. The sessions with Marlena incorporate various techniques and methods to explore the cumulative benefits of training your mind to be calm and clear. - Yoga Nidra or yogic sleep - Shamatha or mindfulness meditation - Metta or loving-kindness meditation - Tonglen or exchanging self and others - Mantra or Vedic meditation - Custom-made methods for developing strength, stability, clarity, and a kind, open heart. Limitless Members: $79.00 Non Member: $99.00

Booking Policy

You may teschwdule your booking up to 24hrs before your session start time wothout penalty. You will receive a confirmation email once your session is booked. You may also confirm your booking prior to arrival within your account settings under > My activities > My bookings. - You may reschedule your booking up to 12 hrs prior to the start of your session without penalty. After 12 hrs, the service fee is forfeited. - Workshops, training, and course tickets are a final booking/ sale for those specific dates/times/events but may be given to a friend prior to the start of the session(s) if you are unable to attend after booking your service. - All sales are final.

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