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Warm & Friendly 

Unlimited Yoga

Expert Teachers



$451 intro membership per client
  • Unlimited Yoga


Expect to be welcomed into our community and be provided all the support you need. Yes, you can do this! We have classes for those starting out and those that more advanced.

Bring an open mind and a willingness to explore all the possibilities of YOU!

If you’re brand new to the practice it’s best to start with a few of our Basic’s classes to get into the flow and you’ll enjoy our Yin and Bliss /Restorative, classes

Our online schedule is mobile friendly. You may save a shortcut to our schedule page on your home screen for quick easy viewing on the go! You are not required to book open classes, however, if you’d like you may do so. Once your Mantra Yoga account is set up (upon your first visit – first online purchase) you can simply log in using your email address and password to view your account, visits, and reservations.

No need to cancel. Your Fresh Start Membership will expire after one month… by then you’ll be feeling great and ready to join in on our Mantra Memberships 🙂

Yes, we love that! Included in your trial membership are many perks and bonuses including two free BUDDY PASSES.

Ready to make a life change? We’re thrilled to help you along your path to a fit and healthy life. Our experts take great pride in helping achieve your goals.

Achieve Your Health & Wellness Goals

Flexible membership packages to suit all levels of training to help achieve your wellness goals