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Yoga is an individual practice but it's a powerful group energy with friends.

Share the Joy of Yoga with a Guest Pass

At Mantra Yoga Studio, we believe that the benefits of yoga are best shared with others. That's why we're excited to offer our valued members the opportunity to share their yoga journey with a friend, family member, or loved one through our Member Guest Pass.

How Does It Work?

As a member of Mantra Yoga Studio with a qualifying membership, you have the unique privilege of offering a Guest Pass to someone you care about. This pass allows your guest to experience the transformative power of our yoga classes, completely free of charge!

To use your Guest Pass, simply follow these steps:

  • Request your unique promo code: As a valued member, you can request a unique promo code that allows your guest to book a non-member drop-in class without payment.

  • Share your promo code: Give your promo code to your guest. They can use this code to book a class on our website or the FitDegree client app.

Important Notes
  • Guest Passes can only be used for non-member drop-in classes and are limited to one use per person. 

  • Your guest will need to create a Mantra Yoga Studio account to book their class.

  • Guest Passes are a unique benefit for our members and are not transferable.

  • Please remember to book your class at the same time as your guest to ensure you both get a spot in the class.

  • Guest Passes are subject to the same booking and cancellation policies as regular classes.

Experience Yoga Together

There's something special about practicing yoga with a friend or loved one. Whether it's the shared experience, the mutual support, or the joy of seeing someone you care about discover the benefits of yoga, sharing your practice can be deeply rewarding.

So why wait? Share the joy of yoga today with a Member Guest Pass.

Yoga Class

New To Us?

Grab our new client trial for your first visit. 

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