YIN Harmony with Marlena


Yin Harmony with Marlena Bruno

(Y)In Harmony: Cultivating Balance with Therapeutic Yoga for Daily Life Yin Yoga, Deep Tissue Massage with Ball Rolling, Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra & Reiki. Are you missing some pep in your step? Perhaps you’re feeling … Read More

Electro Flo! with Emily

Electroflo with Emily Wiswell

ELECTRO FLO! with Emily Wiswell and DJ dansearL Join us for an upBEAT and dynamic vinyasa class set to LIVE music! Dan will get you moving with his Dynamic Electronic sound adding live acoustic elements, … Read More

Prenatal Yoga: Growing Light and Love from Within

Mantra Yoga Prenatal Yoga

Pregnant Mamas unite! This workshop travels the beautiful and challenging transitions that take place during pregnancy. We will learn how to support mom and baby during this period of shifting and discover safe and beneficial … Read More