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Ashtanga Yoga

Fresh Start

New & Returning Clients Special


Marlena Bruno studio owner and lead teacher.

The last two decades of my life have been spent practicing yoga. Over the years, I have studied a variety of styles. I have learned that the practice of yoga is effective. Yoga does not need to be trendy or fancy to be effective. A daily practice is all that is required. 

Often people ask me, "What classes should I take?" My answer is simple, those that you are able to attend. All the classes at Mantra Yoga are beneficial and accessible to all. Please note that our semi-private, small group practices can be adapted to meet your specific needs. 

There is no need to slow yourself down by walking inch-by-inch into the water; it is possible to jump in the water and acclimate quickly. You should jump right into your yoga practice and begin experiencing its benefits as soon as possible. 

Fresh Start Introductory Special Details

Workshops, Livestream, Private Sessions, Training, and Courses are an additional fee.

Fresh Start
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