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(Y)In Harmony

  • Mantra Yoga 13 Elm Street Danvers, MA. U.S.A. (map)

(Y)In Harmony: Cultivating Balance with Therapeutic Yoga for Daily Life

Restorative, Yin Yoga, Deep Tissue Massage with Ball Rolling, Guided Meditation and Reiki.

Are you missing some pep in your step? Perhaps you’re feeling a bit depleted? Our busy lifestyle and daily stresses have profound effects on our physical body and its energetic resources leaving us feeling achy, tired and off balance. How we feel in our body profoundly affects our state of mind and our approach in all that we do.

(Y)In Harmony is designed for all body types and abilities. Offering meditative practices to reduce stress hormones in the body, restorative practices to repair and reinvigorate injury, and practices to realign and release deep tissue for fluidity and ease.

Join us for this multi-pronged approach cultivating harmony and ease through:

Release with Yin Yoga: enhance the range of motion through the lengthening of connective tissue and facia while lubricating ligaments and joints through longer held gentle postures.

Realign with Therapeutic Ball Rolling: deeply massage and release tight muscle and connective tissue.

Repair with Restorative Yoga: Supported postures for those with an injury to promote healing while calming the parasympathetic nervous system.

Replenish with Guided Meditation: promoting deep rest and relaxation in a guided meditation calming the parasympathetic nervous system leading to less stress and better health.

Rejuvenate with Reiki: (pronounced ray-key) is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation administered through healing energetic touch.

Revel in Sound: Bathed in a beautiful therapeutic sound bath, we will reset our energetic body leaving us feeling deeply joyful and refreshed. 


Limited Availability: Preregistration is required.

Investment: $35 member discounts apply.