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The Source: Gentle Yin, Grounding Restorative Flow & Meditation

The Source: Tending The Garden of Your Pure Self.

Gentle Yin, Grounding Restorative Flow, Meditative Sound Healing.

Bonus: Reiki gentle hands-on energetic assists AND Crystal Bowl Sound Bath for energetic alignment and deep relaxation.

What is your source? Do you know how many people live their lives never knowing about the sacred seeds deep within? Are you one of them?

You were born to live a life of happiness and joy. Now is the time to slow down, be still and get firmly rooted back into your source.

This workshop is designed to sow the seeds of deep connection through a grounding Yin practice, cultivate well being through a calming and restorative flow then harvest the fruits with meditative pranayama, mantra, and sound healing.

The Source is beneficial for all body types and abilities. Offering meditative practices to reduce stress hormones in the body, restorative practices to repair & reinvigorate injury and Yin practices to cultivate fluidity and ease of movement.

The best time to plant a tree was ten years ago. The second best time is now!

Join us for this true transformation experience to cultivate an open heart and blissful state of mind.

Limited availability
Pre-Registration Required
Investment: $35

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