Bhakti Immersion with Raghunath
8:00 AM08:00

Bhakti Immersion with Raghunath

Join Master Teacher Raghunath as he shares his in-depth wisdom in the Vedic texts and yogic philosophy. Designed for those seeking deeper awareness and understanding of the practices and cultivation of the yogic path. Raghunath famously make the philosophical texts come alive with his fun and relatable storytelling, making the teachings accessible and easily applied to modern day life.


As part of our 200-hour teacher's training you’ll explore:


• Intro to the Veda’s, Yoga Sutra's and Bhagavad Gita

• Practical Bhakti for daily life.

• Sacred sound: Understanding mantra, Kirtan, and their potency.

• Flight School Workshop

• Kirtan workshop


Limited Enrollment - Accepting only 10 additional students - this immersion will sell out.


No prerequisites required, only an eagerness to explore and openness to all the possibilities.


8 am - 7 pm: with breaks for lunch and dinner.


Included in the immersion is both his Flight School and Kirtan workshops.


Investment: $159

Early Registration discount: $139 (on or before 2/10)

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Kirtan with Raghunath
6:00 PM18:00

Kirtan with Raghunath

Community, Love, and Joy.


Join us in mantra filled song with Raghunath at Mantra Yoga.


What Is Kirtan?


In the Yoga Sutras, one of the ancient, foundational yogic texts, Patanjali says the eight-limbed path consists of Hatha, Karma, Bhakti, Tantra, Jnana, Guru, Mantra, and Raja yogas.


Kirtan is a form of bhakti (“BHAK-tee”), the yoga of devotion; jnana (“gyah-nah”), the yoga of wisdom; and mantra, the yoga of sound. Mantras are words, phrases, and syllables that are repeated until they become integrated into the chanter’s consciousness. Today, many yoga students are discovering that this sacred, traditional practice allows them to access inner peace, calm, connection, and non-thinking.


Investment: $20

Early Registration discount: $15 (by 2/17/18)



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Flight School with Raghunath
3:00 PM15:00

Flight School with Raghunath

Ex-Punk, Ex-Monk and one of our favorite human beings :)


Not to be missed and will sell out :)


Flight School


You will literally elevate your physical & spiritual practice with Raghunath, servant of flight, in this famously popular, powerful & playful class - Flight School. Let your own dynamic signature practice take shape, as you push your edge and realize your potential, no matter what level you're at. Experience Raghunath's bold approach to encountering sophisticated vinyasa; asanas that once seemed unattainable will be dissected and made approachable. In authentic Raghunath style, the class will be interlaced with chanting and stories from classic Indian texts, rooted in down to earth spirituality, and instructions for living a contemporary yogic lifestyle.


Change your mind, strengthen your practice, and open your heart, Flight School is in session.


The workshop is not heated. Practitioners encouraged to have previous Vinyasa experience.

Investment: $35

Please Note: If you have enrolled in the Bhakti Immersion this workshop is included in your package.


Learn More about Raghunath:

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7:00 PM19:00


Energetic Illumination and Sound Healing: An immersion of energetic awakening for revitalization and rejuvenation. Flow, Restorative Yoga, Sound Healing and Deep Meditation.

We were born to feel free, energetic, happy and peaceful. When we joyfully tap into our innate capacity to love we clear the path for our energetic freedom. Through physical postures, deep breath, mantra and soulful sound we awaken our abilities and inner energetic landscape (or Chakras) spreading light on our deep-seeded resources for inner peace.

Watering the seed of self with love and devotion, our roots spread, providing a firm foundation (Root Chakra) to awaken creativity (Second Chakra) and empowerment (third Chakra) beyond limitations. We rise to cultivate the fruit of our hearts (Fourth Chakra) capacity to love expansively and expressively (Fifth Chakra), illuminating our deep wisdom (Sixth Chakra) and divine freedom (Seventh Chakra).

This event is designed to align the energetic body, physical body and cultivate consciousness through gentle flow and supported postures with blankets, bolsters and eye pillows followed by a guided Chakra meditation accompanied by a healing sound bath of crystal bowls attuned to the energetic body for a deeply relaxing and refreshing experience.


This practice is beneficial for all.

Any level of a practitioner from those new to the practice or those who wish to deepen their practice are welcome and encouraged. This means you!



Investment: $35

Limited enrollment: Advance - Registration is required.


 Memberships discounts apply.
See workshop policy.


If buying for a friend in addition to your own ticket. Please email to ensure two spots are properly reserved for you.

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