Relax & Renew: Candlelight Restorative Workshop with Marlena 11/14/14

Join Marlena for a Special Candlelight Restorative Workshop

Time to settle down, get back to center and end the busy week with some much needed TLC.

This practice will focus on letting go of hectic energy stored in the body, release through breath and calm found in supportive meditative postures.

Settle in for long comforting stretches, easing the body, calming the mind & nervous system, surrounded by soft candle light, calming sounds and tranquil scents throughout the experience and finished with an extended guided meditation.

Gentle hands-on assists and use of straps, blocks, bolsters, eye pillows and essential oils will assist in achieving a blissful state of being.

Bring your own blanket if you like.

Preregistration Required


$28 $23 (Early Bird by November 10th) Use PROMO 1114 at checkout

Space is limited to the first 15 registered: all others will be placed on wait list.

All workshop sales are final, but are transferable with 48 hrs advance notice to another who can take your spot. Your purchase is for this specific workshop only.

Please purchase only if you can attend. Class cards are not accepted.

Beryl Bender Birch: 11/22/14, Power Yoga Workshop

This Event is Full

MANTRA YOGA is honored to present a very special event with Beryl Bender Birch

Saturday, November 22nd

11am - 2pm

Join us for an very special and rare opportunity to practice with a legend in an intimate setting for a 3 hour workshop including discussion, meditation, pranayama and her famous vinyasa practice.

Space is limited and this workshop will sell out!

Preresgistraion is required and highly recommended

Beryl is the creator and innovator of the world renown style of Power Yoga. She's been teaching and practicing since the 1970's and continues to travel world wide to teach workshops making the practice approachable for all.

BIO: Beryl is the author of three best selling books on yoga and former Wellness Director of the New York Road Runners for 22 years, for the sweaty and powerful practice she made famous, with her best selling book, Power Yoga. Beryl pioneered the introduction of yoga into the world of sports and has taught yoga and meditation to tens of thousands of athletes since l974. She revolutionized the concept of stretching with her “hard and soft” philosophy and taught athletes that yoga, when practiced correctly, developed not just flexibility, but strength and focus as well.

She graduated from Syracuse University with a degree in English and Philosophy.  She has been an avid student of classical yoga and the parallels with quantum physics and the study of consciousness since l971, and is the founder/director of The Hard & The Soft Yoga Institute and the Give Back Yoga Foundation.  She has been teaching yoga and training yoga teachers as “spiritual revolutionaries” for 40 years and is the best selling author of many books on yoga, including the newly published yoga for veterans book,Yoga for Warriors: Basic Training for Strength, Resilience, and Peace of Mind.

To Learn More about Beryl:

Beginners Workshop Series with Lisa - 1/10/15

Beginners Workshop

Saturdays January 10th - 31st, 12:30-1:45

Are you new to yoga and not sure you have the strength or flexibility to try class?

This class is designed for those with a little less mobility, strength, and flexibility.

Learn all the basics from proper breathing techniques, meditations and how to build your personal asana practice.  This 4 week session will be taught in a form base style where we build the pose from the ground up.

Over the course of 4 weeks, you'll learn:

  • Proper alignment to build a safe practice
  • Breathing and meditation techniques
  • How to incorporate yoga into your everyday life

This 4 week course will meet weekly and will leave you feeling better and ready to incorporate yoga into your weekly schedule. We are only given one body so let’s take care of it.

Fee: $100

$90- Early bird registration by 1/5/15,  use PROMO: 110

see schedule for sign up

Yin Yoga Workshop: 1/ 18/15 with Marlena

Mindful, Meditative Balance

Yin Yoga Workshop with MarlenaSunday, Jan 18th, 3-5pm


The perfect balance for every yogi.

Yin Yoga is the complimentary practice to our more dynamic yang vinyasa practice. A yin practice focuses primarily on floor postures, held passively for longer periods of time to allow the body to open and access the deeper connective tissues and fascia.

Yin yoga will restore and maintain the natural mobility in your joints, enhancing the body’s range of motion, energetic flow and emotional well being. Yin’s emphasis on stillness and silence promotes a deeply meditative experience.

Stretch deeply, find balance in both body and mind and reset with a deeply meditative meditation known as yoga nidra (the magical place between awake and sleep)

Perfect for beginners and athletes looking to open up the shoulders and area’s between navel & knee’s. Price: $30

Pre-registration is required

Sign up today! Space is limited to the first 20 yogi's, all others will be placed on wait list.

Glo-Yo with Marlena 1/9/15

Glo-Yo with Marlena

Friday, January 9th

7:30-9:30 pm

The Universe is listening. What energy are you manifesting and sending back to it?

Join Marlena and joyfully explore your senses during this highly unique exploration of the miracle of who you are. Find release through fluid movement, turn your awareness inward and stir your soul through this powerfully restorative experience. Your enhanced state of being glows with in you and awaits your invitation. Move with fluidity, meditate deeply and set your glow free.

This practice is unlike any other and will take place within the stars, using tranquil lighting affects, candlelight, deeply calming scents and sounds leaving you with a sense of balance and a calm state of being. - Appropriate for all levels.

If you plant the seeds for peaceful well being and nurture them, they will grow.

Preregistration Required Cost:


$25 (register by 1/5/15) Use PROMO:109 at check out

See workshops/events for registration

Heart Opening Restorative Workshop with Deana 4/10/15


Join Deana for a restorative workshop is designed to bring compassion, self love, and balance into our lives. Anahata (heart) chakra is the energy center that governs the relationship we have with ourselves and others. When this energy center is pessimistic we can be intolerant, fear intimacy and suffer from depression. When this energy center is hyper-active we can be clingy, jealous and demanding of others. When balanced, our lives are balanced and we are both compassionate and self accepting. The entire practice including the asana, restorative poses, visualizations and meditation will be designed to bring balance to this energy center

The practice begins with a gentle flow followed by restorative poses utilizing bolsters, eye pillows and hands on assist and will end with a meditation technique practiced in Savasana.

Please feel free to bring your own blanket.

Preregistration Required

Cost: $28

Space is limited to the first 15 registered, all others will be placed on wait list.

Please only purchase if you can attend, class cards are not accepted.


Meditation Made Easy Workshop

Meditation Made Easy Workshop

with Willa

Sunday, March 1st


Come join the MANTRA community and joyfully learn:

  • How to get and stay comfortably seated for meditation
  • Simple and effective breathing practices to prepare for meditation.
  • Learn and practice simple seated, walking and reclining meditations for daily use. 5-10 minutes daily is all it takes.
  • How to begin and incorporate you practices into you daily life.



Pre-registration is required

All workshop sales are final, but are transferable with 48 hrs advance notice to another who can take your spot. Your purchase is for this specific workshop only.Please purchase only if you can attend. Class cards are not accepted.


To ensure proper registration, reservations and purchases of this workshop must be made under each yogi's individual account.