Yoga Nidra with Marlena: July 2nd

Yoga Nidra with Marlena

Thursday, 7:30-8:30 pm

July 2nd & August 6th

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Yoga Nidra translates as yogic sleep, yet is far more than sleep! It's the realm between sleep and awake, where our body and mind connect and communicate on a deeper level.

This practice uses a combination of intention, breath, and visualization, Yoga Nidra takes a person beneath the waking mind into the subconscious realms. Deep within the soul, the subconscious has the ability to transform the entire being by altering the causes of suffering and stress at their source.

Yoga Nidra is by far the easiest yogic practice at the physical level, it can be experienced by simply laying on the floor and engaging in a series of simple practices. Yoga Nidra is accepted by the medical community and military as a healing tool and aid for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and anxiety.

No Asana is practice during this class, it is suitable for any person who is comfortable lying down on a firm surface. Bring your mat to lay on, a blanket is optional and where clothing your find comfortable.

Marlena recommends that you take the 6pm All Levels Vinyasa class or at least take a walk before class to expel some excess energy. This will help to settle in and calm the mind easier.

Drop In: $10

Double UP: Attend the 6pm class and join this one too!: $5 (cash)

and/or class cards welcome. Enjoy!

See class schedule on event date for registration.

Reservation policy: To reserve a space in this class you may use your current class card or opt to pay the drop in ($10) online. Discounted rate ($5) is only available in studio after attending the 6pm class. Regular cancellation policy applies