The Eisenhower Method of Time Management

The Eisenhower Matrix is and easy way to both visualize and execute task by priority.

I often feel like my plate is full, maybe overflowing at time too, but one I write down all my To-do’s, I realize, it’s not so bad and actually quite manageable. I’ll admit, that in my mind, I’m a little dramatic about all I have to do.

My husband forced me to sit down and right it all down one day and I was surprised by how effective I got with my time. Once I started using this matrix the overwhelm I was so accustomed to feeling dissipated and I had time to spent doing things that I love!

Where does the name come from?

Dwight D. Eisenhower was the 34th President of the United States from 1953 until 1961. Before becoming President, he served as a general in the United States Army and as the Allied Forces Supreme Commander during World War II. He also later became NATO’s first supreme commander.
Dwight had to make tough decisions continuously about which of the many tasks he should focus on each day. This finally led him to invent the world-famous Eisenhower principle, which today helps us prioritize by urgency and importance.

How to use the Eisenhower Matrix?

Prioritizing tasks by urgency and importance results in 4 quadrants with different work strategies:

Eisenhower Matrix

5 time management tips when working with the Eisenhower Matrix

  1. Putting things to-do on a list frees your mind. But always question what is worth doing first.

  2. Try limiting yourself to no more than eight tasks per quadrant. Before adding another one, complete the most important one first. Remember: It is not about collecting but finishing tasks.

  3. You should always maintain only one list for both business and private tasks. That way you will never be able to complain about not having done anything for your family or yourself at the end of the day.

  4. Do not let you or others distract you. Do not let others define your priority. Plan in the morning, then work on your stuff. And in the end, enjoy the feeling of completion.

  5. Finally, try not to procrastinate that much. Not even by over-managing your to-dos.

Side Note - You belong at the very top of the “important” blue box. Schedule yourself in there daily!

Pro Tip - You can find Eisenhower Matrix apps in the app store, how awesome it that?

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