New Classes

Spring 2017 Class Schedule Updates!

Spring is a time to start fresh, revive and bloom!

We've watched and listened to the needs and requests of our community. With many of you stepping on your mats for the first time and many others who are ramping up their practice again, Spring is the perfect time to take stock and create a plan for growth.

We've watched our classes evolve and transform and some require a schedule update to reflect the current practice. Our Tuesdays and Thursday Morning classes will now be Vinyasa. The shift in class is rather subtle over time but it's important that the class name is reflective of the experience.

Our mission and the practice of yoga is to create balance. We also realize that many of us have specific times of day that we can practice. Therefor it makes sense to offer a variety during class time blocks so that we achieve a balanced practice. If we offer only strong fiery practices in the morning or 6pm, then those that practice during those time blocks are receiving a balanced offering and we know you appreciate and require balance.

So we have created new classes to accomplish this.

Tuesday & Thursday morning have shifted to All Levels Vinyasa and we welcome Emily to our morning teaching team on Tuesday mornings.

Marlena will now be teaching Tuesday and Thursday 6pm while Danielle focuses on teaching her regular morning offerings at Mantra Yoga.

New Classes - Same Times - Effective April 10th


  • 9:15: Marlena


Is a balanced blend of grace and strength. Yin yoga’s longer held static poses are practiced while the body is cool.  This allows access to deep connective tissue resulting in increased fascial length, range of motion and lubrication of joints for fluidity. This increased fluidity is designed to create comfort moving into our dynamic Vinyasa sequence while strengthening and lengthening muscle. YinYasa will increased energy throughout your body and provide liberation in your practice then finish beautifully with a refreshing extended Savasana.

The duality of the practice will leave you feeling physically strong, balanced and mindfully relaxed.


  • 6pm: Marlena

Roll & Release: 

Unwind, release tension and return your body back to ease and balance. Roll & Release is an intelligently designed approach of body rolling to release tension and restore range of motion throughout the neck, shoulders and lower back while incorporating a grounding practice of active release floor postures, stretches for hips & hamstrings. This class of deep tissue lengthening is perfect for dense, tight muscle and is nourishing for the stressed, tired, depleted and those suffering from muscular aches and pains.

All levels of practitioner welcome and encouraged.

Limited class size: Please preregister to ensure your spot. 


  • 6pm: Dorothy


Strength and grace meet up and find sweet bliss in this all levels class to clear your mind and melt away stress. A mindfully aligned, strengthening, Hatha style practice focusing on deep expansive breaths, leads into a gentle nourishing restorative floor practice supported by bolsters, calming music, sweet scents and essential oils. 

Expect to be pampered with kind, calming assists, creating comfort and a deep state of relaxation. Each class will conclude with an extended meditation (Savasana) leaving you feeling nourished, recharged and blissful. 


  • 9:15: Danielle (same great class but with added sweetness)

Flow + RESTore: Is a 70/30 blend of invigorating Hatha flow, beautifully synchronized with expansive breath and a “can do” state of mind to end your week. This liberating practice will lift your energy and strengthen your body, then conclude by settling you down to softly marinate and melt in to restorative postures leaving you calmly recharged and powerfully refreshed.

Class is refreshing for all levels.

  • 11AM: Kim

Community MANTRA: 

All levels flow for $10 cash drop - in.

Community Classes on Tues, Thurs and Friday night have been cancelled