Ayurveda Cleanse: Spring Detox Workshop, 5/17/15

According to Ayurveda, spring is a KAPHA season, a mixture of earth and water elements. We know this because of its characteristics: wet, cold, heavy, dull, sticky, soft and firm. Too much Kapha leads to common springtime symptoms like congestions colds, flu, cough, sinus infections, sleepiness, and winter weight gain. The mind can become dull and lose some of its winter sharpness. Common emotional problems are sadness, depression and over-attachment to the past. Learn how to lessen Kapha’s effect on your health so you can feel great this spring! In 2015 Ayurveda Wellness Healing is introducing the Ayurvedic lifestyle with a special workshop for each season. Ayurveda is the ancient Indian way of living with vitality, good health and abundant happiness. The path to good health is unique for each person. In this workshop you'll learn: • Seasonal routines for the spring Kapha season • Yoga postures for the season • Diet and lifestyle changes • Recipes using spices and herbs for the season

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$45.00: On May 17th

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