All About You - January 2017 - Yoga Challenge

Are you ready for a change in 2017?Do you want to feel grounded, have more energy and feel great?

A regular daily yoga practice is just what you need to cultivate the best for your mind, body and soul.

We challenge you to create time on your mat daily that is “All About You”. Trust the process, cultivate “YOU” everyday and feel the rewards.

NOPE, it's not a fitness contest. This is All About You and your highest self daily.

Challenge Details:
  • Sign up in studio and start your challenge January 1st - 7th
  • Practice 30 consecutive days of yoga, minimum of 1 class per day.
  • Must complete all classes 30 days from start date.
  • Complete the challenge and practice free in the month of February!
  • Must have enough classes to complete all 30 days.
  • Multiple classes per day do not count. This isn't a fitness contest, this is about creating space and time for yourself daily :)
  • Must have a regular class card or unlimited package. Intro  2 month unlimited special cannot receive an additional free month, but you are very welcome to join the challenge.
  • Auto pay members and annual members will be credited a free month for the end of their membership or you may gift your free month to a friend :) Please let Carianne or Marlena know.



Giving Mantra: Fundraiser for Northeast Animal Shelter

Giving Mantra: Fundraiser for Northeast Animal Shelter 

Thank you all for your practice, your charity, your love, your compassion and selfless service. Our practice can effect change on a personal level, in our community and off the mat into the world. There are many beautiful loving cats and dogs that will benefit from all your generous donations of cash and kennel supplies today @neanimalshelter. 

The staff here is amazing and so very grateful for the much needed donations we delivered today. If you would like to donate you may do so online at Northeast Animal Shelter or in person. 

If you're considering adding a loving cat or dog to your family I highly recommend adopting and coming here. They currently have many sweet cats and dogs who would love to become part of your family. 

Fall Into Yoga Challenge 2016

MANTRA Fall into Yoga Challenge – Fall 2016

“Freedom is not the absence of commitments, but the ability to choose -

and commit myself to - what is best for me.” ― Paulo Coelho

The Awesome sauce!

You’ll feel stronger, sleep better and develop healthy habits creating balance your daily life.

      • 1st Prize: One Month Unlimited Yoga + $50 Gift Card
      • 2nd Prize: One Month Unlimited Yoga + $25 Gift Card
      • 3rd Prize: One Month Unlimited Yoga
      • Team Prize: All members on winning team win a Mantra T-Shirt.

Details: Earn Points

      • earn 1 point for each class attended
      • earn 2 points for each workshop attended

(max 7 points per week for attendance)

Share it!: Inspire Others

Post your inspiring pre/post yoga class photo on Instagram and Facebook with: #MantraWarriors

      • earn 1 point per post (10 points max posts per week)
        • How:All photo’s posted must me made public- sorry private/friends only view cannot be counted.
        • Instagram: Tag @mantrayoga in your photo, include #MantraWarriors and your team hashtag in post
        • Facebook:check in at MANTRA Yoga Studio with your photo , include #MantraWarriors and your team hashtag in post

Mantra Buddies: Refer a friend!

      • Earn 2 points for a new member drop in
      • Earn 5 points if they sign up for a monthly membership or limited class card

Balanced and Strong Teams: Inspired Motivation!

      • All challengers will be provided a team and team Captain
      • Points from team members will be combined for over all average points

Challenge Dates:

      • Start: Sept 1st - 15th
      • Complete your challenge by the end of your 30th day from start date.

How to enter:

Who can enter:

      • Everyone
  • free month unlimited yoga will be for November 2016
  • Winners will be announced on October 21st