Mantra Fusion and The Bodhi Three: Yoga and Live Music

Sunday Morning Mantra Fusion and The Bodhi Three: Yoga and Live Music

April 26th

9 -10:30 am

Join Marlena for All Levels Fusion of Body, Mind and Spirit while serenaded beautifully with the live vibrational sounds and rhythms of The Bodhi Three. This heart opening, mind centering and physically balanced class will leave you feeling refreshingly open and joy filled.

The Bodhi Three came together to celebrate the teachings of Yoga through song, chant, and sound healing. Paul and Tristan met at a 200 hour teacher training at Mantra Yoga in the fall of 2016 and discovered a deep musical bond and a shared love of Yoga. They soon invited Paul's wife and frequent musical collaborator, Carley, to join the mix. Weaving Carley and Paul's organic, vocally rich, acoustic sound into the ambient jazz-influenced soundscapes created by Tristan on his 7 and 8-string guitars, The Bodhi Three were born. The three multi-instrumentalists draw from a diverse palette of sounds to help Yogis deepen into meditative postures and accentuate the power of a heat-building flow. All three members have experienced the healing energy of both music and Yoga. Inspired by their teachers, Marlena Bruno and Deana Bacon, they aspire to cultivate a practice of egoless service devoted to the alleviation of suffering; this is the gift they wish to share with those who join them in practice.