Pitta Season


Pitta Season 

As we slip from early summer into the peak of the season itself, it’s important to consider how environmental changes can affect and alter our sense of wellbeing. In Ayurvedic terms, summer is the time of pitta, where the world is increasingly hot, intense, moist, and sharp. Energy is high, which means that it’s easy for us to feel overexerted, overheated, and, as a result, more exhausted than usual. 

According to the Ayurvedic tradition, we all contain different combinations of the three doshas, or energetic forces of nature. These include pitta (fire), vata (wind), and kapha (water). When our doshas are out of balance we experience discomfort, stress, and poor health. Ayurvedic imbalance is as varied as body type or personality and your path to balance depends on your prominent dosha. You can find out what your prominent dosha is (and subsequent imbalance) by taking this short quiz and reading the suggestions based on your results.

However, regardless of your dominant dosha, we all experience the intensity of summer. This article from Yoga International explores ways to maintain equilibrium this season, such as avoiding the heat of the day (10 am-2 pm), taking time to practice pranayama (yogic breathing),  and eating cool foods (e.g., cucumbers, mint, summer squash, and mangos). Holistic wellness can be overwhelming, but making even the smallest changes to your daily routine can lead to truly positive results. 

by: Kelsey Leach