Meditation Is Life

Meditation Is life

How would you describe and apple? How would you describe it’s taste, texture, flavor and the experience of holding it, biting it, feeling it in your mouth, the sound of the crunch as you bite into it then chew it? How would you describe what it’s like to feel it slide down your throat and into your belly? How would you describe what your mouth feels like after you’ve done all this?

Does the way you describe it really bring it to life and make it real?

No, it doesn’t.

There are lots of benefits to meditation, some explanations can sound pretty elusive and the benefits hard to attain. Here’s the truth, anything worth while is challenging but with practice everything becomes easy.

Just like the apple, I can explain meditation to you but my word will never truly bring the experience and practice to life for you. You must simply bite into it and experience it’s juiciness for yourself.

In fact let’s start there and make this really easy.

  • Get an Apple (or anything ready to eat)

  • Feel it

  • Bite into it

  • Slowly  experience all the subtleties of the experience.

  • Pay very close attention to all the details

There ya go! You just experienced how simple meditation can be!

Meditation is presence, full presence, nothing more. Stay present and don’t get distracted by wondering memories or future plans. Just experience this single apple and enjoy it fully.

Living is a meditative experience. Meditation quit simply is living in this very moment and being fully immersed within it. Once we start to pay close attention, we realize our minds are distracted and unruly. Like any muscle, with repetition, the muscle grow stronger and what was once difficult become much-much easier.