Mantra Yogi : Paige

Mantra Yogi of the month : PaigeHow long have you been practicing?

I practiced for the first time 5 years ago, practiced on and off, but was lukewarm about yoga.  Then 3 years ago my father became really ill and I tried yoga again as a way to try to relax and was hooked!!!


How did you find your way onto your mat?

At first I was looking for a way to deepen and slow down my breathing when I was helped, but I found deep breathing to be only one of the MANY benefits!!!


How often do you practice?

I usually practice 4 times a week, I aim for 5, but sometimes life and work get in the way!


What is your favorite posture?

I love twists!  I feel like not only do I stretch and detox, but I can always find a way to breathe into the twist and get deeper!


What have you learned on your yogic journey?

I have learned that although I sometimes feel selfish taking the time to practice, practicing yoga is as crucial for me as my morning coffee!  Practicing yoga has been one of the constants that has brought me some peace and calm through stress and sadness of losing my father. I now try to see my practice as a way to set an example for my children as a healthy coping strategy and self care routine.


What advice would you share with someone who is new to yoga?

I advise someone new to tell the teacher you're new, Mantra's teachers are incredibly kind and helpful and encouraging! Keep coming and believe that no one is watching!!!


What benefits have you received from practicing yoga?

I have felt physical benefits from yoga like flexibility and toning but more important have been the mental benefits. Yoga has really helped me to feel more centered and calm during stressful and upsetting times. It has also helped me to slow down and really appreciate the happy times and the beauty around in the world.


What's your favorite thing about practicing at Mantra Yoga?

I love Mantra because everyone is so lovely and friendly. I think the teachers and students are very welcoming and encouraging. I love the way the teachers work to move each student forward individually while maintaining a consistent pace throughout the class. I look forward to my time on my mat at Mantra and feel grateful to have such a wonderful studio so close to home!!