Mantra Yogi of the Month: Angela

  • How long have you been practicing? I began a regular yoga practice about two years ago.
  • How did you find your way onto your mat? My journey of yoga began over ten years ago as a high school senior. Through college and early adulthood I struggled to find a physical activity that suited me. I always found myself returning to yoga. It resonated (and still does) on a deeper level and felt more meaningful and sustainable as a long term activity. My ego frequently got in the way of developing a regular practice until about two years ago when I finally began to let go of the negative self-talk.
  • How often do you practice? I try to practice at least three times a week, though I prefer to practice daily when I intentionally make time for it.
  • What is your favorite posture? Wild Thing. It is the truest expression of me.
  • What have you learned on your yogic journey? So much. I have learned that I am stronger physically and emotionally than I ever thought. I have learned that I am right just the way I am.
  • What advice would you share with someone who is new to yoga? You can do yoga. You are right for yoga. Yoga is not just postures and movement- though those are wonderful! It is so much more and you deserve to give it a shot. If at first you do not like it... try it again!
  • What benefits have you received from practicing yoga? Again, so much. Yoga gives me such a deep sense of well-being and self acceptance. Yoga has given me the space and the freedom to truly express myself and accept myself and everyone around me. Yoga helps me cope with difficult life experiences and trauma in a way that is unlike any other.
  • What's your favorite thing about practicing at Mantra Yoga? My favorite thing about practicing at Mantra is the community. Mantra is a warm, welcoming, accepting space full of wonderful folks all joining to practice. Thank you- students, teachers, teachers in training, and of course Marlena- for making Mantra the wonderful place that it truly is.