Mantra Yoga Team at Yoga Reaches Out

Mantra Yoga Team - Yoga Reaches Out - 2018

Yoga Reaches Out was established 10 years ago by one woman with a mission. Sarah Gardner took her yoga practice off the mat and into the world with the sole purpose to raise funds for Boston's Children's Hospital. The funds were to support the medical needs of children and their families during times of need.

Sarah’s work has grown into something much larger and has reached across the country inspiring a broader community of yoga practitioners and those who support them and creating change for the better in their local communities. Like a web connecting all individuals, each supporting the other for a common cause.

I have participated multiple times over the years and each time was and amazing experience but the best experience was in 2018, when the Mantra Yoga Team was created and 18 Mantra Yogis stepped onto Patriot Field with a fundraising effort that reached over $10,000.00!

The practiced at Patriot Field in Gillette Stadium was with over 1,000 others, having fun, connection with the broader yoga community across the great state of Massachusetts and to be completely honest, raising funds was easy!

Our goal this year is to double the size of our team and the funds raised.

We hope that all of the members of our Mantra Yoga team will join us in this event, have fun and take the practice of yoga off the mat and into the world!

Each practitioner registered by 2/1 will be required to raise - $250

After 2/1 the requirement will be - $300.

But of course, you will be raising much more easily with the help and kindness of your personal community of friends and family.

Please join us in this mission to support local families and fun while doing it.

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