Mantra Yoga Of The Month: Michele Thompson

  • How long have you been practicing? I started practicing yoga almost three years ago....there were intermittent classes before, but nothing on a regular basis.
  • How did you find your way onto your mat? I had moved back to Danvers and was going through a very difficult time in my life....and lo and behold....not 100 yards away popped up this yoga only made sense to try it out...and here I am today...still loving it!!
  • How often do you practice? My goal is to practice 4 times a week....sadly, that doesn't happen as often as I'd like....but it's about acceptance, not just of others but of yourself, right??
  • What is your favorite posture? I have two favorite postures...first, Warrior Two....I feel so strong and focused in this always gives me a mental boost....second would be crow...any and all of them, liberating to me.
  • What have you learned on your yogic journey? I've learned through yoga about self love, self acceptance and a boatload about gratitude....seriously, in most cases, take a look around and realize you are truly blessed.
  • What advice would you share with someone who is new to yoga? For the beginner, I would say, practice like no one is watching, because if the rest of them are doing it right, no one is!!!  It's a journey you are on by yourself....the best and biggest no judgment zone I've ever known.
  • What benefits have you received from practicing yoga? Yoga has brought so many benefits to my life.  I'm more flexible, leaner, stronger (and this comes from a former bodybuilder).  Mentally the benefits are immeasurable....focus, peace, confidence and it goes on...
  • What's your favorite thing about practicing at Mantra Yoga? The community at Mantra has always been so welcoming and kind...many times have I been brought to tears at some point throughout a class, and no judgment only support...I can't say it enough...Mantra Yoga is incredible, and I tell anyone who will listen about the benefits!!