MANTRA Guide – 200 hr Certified Yoga Teacher

Yoga started for Kimberley as a good stretch after cardio and muscle conditioning because it made her body feel so good afterward – lighter, less stiff, and more flexible. After a decade of practicing once or twice a week, Kimberley began exploring her yoga practice in earnest and took every type of yoga class she could. She experienced many different teachers and yoga styles – from Restorative to Pranayama to strong Vinyasa flows.

As Kimberley deepened her yoga practice, she found that the joy of yoga only intensified. Looking to become a more balanced person –both physically and mentally—Kimberley enrolled in Mantra Studio’s first 200 RYT Yoga Teacher Training and graduated in June 2016.

“Yoga brings me such joy and I would like to plant this seed of joy in others as a teacher - first through asana and, hopefully, through sharing what has resonated with me about yoga philosophy. I want to help people feel good in their bodies at all stages of their life. Each phase of your life comes with its own set of challenges and opportunities and I want to share with others how you can change your path, fill your heart, and strengthen your body through the gift of yoga.”