Heart Opening Restorative Workshop with Deana 4/10/15


Join Deana for a restorative workshop is designed to bring compassion, self love, and balance into our lives. Anahata (heart) chakra is the energy center that governs the relationship we have with ourselves and others. When this energy center is pessimistic we can be intolerant, fear intimacy and suffer from depression. When this energy center is hyper-active we can be clingy, jealous and demanding of others. When balanced, our lives are balanced and we are both compassionate and self accepting. The entire practice including the asana, restorative poses, visualizations and meditation will be designed to bring balance to this energy center

The practice begins with a gentle flow followed by restorative poses utilizing bolsters, eye pillows and hands on assist and will end with a meditation technique practiced in Savasana.

Please feel free to bring your own blanket.

Preregistration Required

Cost: $28

Space is limited to the first 15 registered, all others will be placed on wait list.

Please only purchase if you can attend, class cards are not accepted.