Focus in 2019

Focus in 2019

The holiday season always seems to leave me feeling exhausted. Come January, while many are talking about creating BIG changes and new experiences in the coming year, I often feel spent and exhausted. I log into social media to see lots of resolutions and the big plans of others only to leave me feeling like I'm not doing enough. I know that I shouldn't compare myself to others and I also know that what I'm seeing isn't reality but rather the edited versions of what people want the world to see, but, still, I'm always left feeling I should be doing more.

Isn't it interesting that what we know in our mind and what we feel can be in complete contrast of each other?

What if in 2019 we do something different, something much more beneficial and graceful? What if we made small changes in place of big ones? What if we broke the mindset of "Go Big or Go Home" and "No Pain, No Gain"? What if instead, we brake the cycle and practice small steps toward our goals, whatever they may be?

I suppose it’s strange to tell people to take it a step at a time when the fitness industry is all about that #GoHardOrGoHome life. But, I'm getting on my soapbox to say that the real key to health and wellness is C-O-N-S-I-S-T-E-N-C-Y.

Mantra Yoga isn’t just about losing weight or toning up, it’s about cultivating health and happiness as a habit. We wholeheartedly want to see people stick with their goals way past the first few months of the year and make wellness a part of their life.

If a healthier, pain-free, stress-less, energetic life was on your holiday wishlist, this is the first #small step you need to take.

Schedule yourself into your day, every single day. No excuses.

Fact, we either rule the day or the day rules us. The first thing on our "To-Do" list is our highest and most important priority of the day. It's the one thing we must do that day, without exception or excuse. If the number one activity of the day isn't taking care of ourselves, that is a mindset that needs to change, now.

The words we say to ourselves have an impact and our sub-conscience is listening, closely. The excuses I use myself and hear most often are:

  • "I don't have time", what we're really saying is, I don't put time aside for myself, I am not a priority in my daily life.

  • "My schedule doesn't allow me to plan ahead", what we are really saying is, I allow anything to prevent me from taking care of myself and I'll do that instead".

The above sounds awful, I know, but I'm not on a soapbox preaching what I don't know from my own experience. I have all the distractions and excuses of running a business, managing staff, clients, schedules, bookkeeping, payroll, teaching, marriage, family, social life and the mundane activities of day to day life we all have. I can and will find any excuse to not do for myself. I feel much more comfortable taking care of others. I'm guilty of it, too.

The above excuses are mantra’s and self-fulfilling prophecies. Perhaps they're the words you've been repeating to yourself and others year after year. Let’s trade them in for an upgrade and replace them with a new prophesy.

New Mantra for 2019 - "I love you "insert your name", I promise to prove it every single day"

So in 2019, let's get real and let's be real honest. The first small but most impactful small step toward reaching our goal of wellness and happiness is to acknowledge

  • "I" am the most important person in my daily life.

  • "I" can't help anyone if "I" am not happy and well.

Once we plant that seed in our consciousness we must cultivate its growth and follow it up with action, proving it every day. It's not enough to talk about it nor plan for it. After all, we show up and do what's important to us and we make excuses for what is not.

Here's to 2019, to each and every small step toward our big goals!

with Grit and Gratitude,