Fall Into Yoga Challenge 2016

MANTRA Fall into Yoga Challenge – Fall 2016

“Freedom is not the absence of commitments, but the ability to choose -

and commit myself to - what is best for me.” ― Paulo Coelho

The Awesome sauce!

You’ll feel stronger, sleep better and develop healthy habits creating balance your daily life.

      • 1st Prize: One Month Unlimited Yoga + $50 Gift Card
      • 2nd Prize: One Month Unlimited Yoga + $25 Gift Card
      • 3rd Prize: One Month Unlimited Yoga
      • Team Prize: All members on winning team win a Mantra T-Shirt.

Details: Earn Points

      • earn 1 point for each class attended
      • earn 2 points for each workshop attended

(max 7 points per week for attendance)

Share it!: Inspire Others

Post your inspiring pre/post yoga class photo on Instagram and Facebook with: #MantraWarriors

      • earn 1 point per post (10 points max posts per week)
        • How:All photo’s posted must me made public- sorry private/friends only view cannot be counted.
        • Instagram: Tag @mantrayoga in your photo, include #MantraWarriors and your team hashtag in post
        • Facebook:check in at MANTRA Yoga Studio with your photo , include #MantraWarriors and your team hashtag in post

Mantra Buddies: Refer a friend!

      • Earn 2 points for a new member drop in
      • Earn 5 points if they sign up for a monthly membership or limited class card

Balanced and Strong Teams: Inspired Motivation!

      • All challengers will be provided a team and team Captain
      • Points from team members will be combined for over all average points

Challenge Dates:

      • Start: Sept 1st - 15th
      • Complete your challenge by the end of your 30th day from start date.

How to enter:

Who can enter:

      • Everyone
  • free month unlimited yoga will be for November 2016
  • Winners will be announced on October 21st