Are You Feeling Fantastic?

Did you a commitment to your well being and follow through with a plan for success?

It's ou mid-month checkup. How are you doing? More importantly, how are you feeling?

We're halfway through and there's lots more feel-good fun to be had for all and LOTs of opportunity to WIN!

Keep the momentum going or ramp it up if you haven't yet. Check out all the ways to boost your scores and buckle up for the home stretch. 

Congratulations to those with the highest scores to date! Let's all give them a big cheer and a run for the finish line. A lot can happen in two weeks :) 

Check out how to earn points - NOTE the big ones and use them to take this over the top!


  • 1st - Practice Free: June 1st -30th.
  • 2nd - $50 Gift Card
  • 3rd -  $25 Gift Card


Good luck and have fun!

Mid-month contest - Spring Contest 2018