200 hr Certified Yoga Teacher – Mantra Guide  – Reiki  

Allison's yoga journey began in 2008 looking for something other than a fast-paced workout to stay in shape. She quickly realized that not only was she finding strength on her mat, but also relief from her many anxieties. Her mat became her refuge where the asanas and breath allowed her mind to quiet.

In a world full of changes and transitions, yoga is Allison's constant. Allison has recognized that yoga is a practice where you are always working towards finding your true self. She views yoga as a meditation in motion, helping her to let go of what no longer serves her and be fully present. Allison completed her 200-hour RYT training certificate under the guidance of Marlena Bruno and Deana Bacon at Mantra Yoga Studio. She has also studied with well-renowned yogis Raghunath Cappo, David Vendetti, and Greg McGowan.

Allison's classes are strong and meditative while focusing on alignment and pranayama. Allison always makes sure to incorporate her sense of humor and playfulness, as a reminder that you can never take yourself too seriously!