200 hr Registered Yoga Teacher – MANTRA Guide

Adam was introduced to yoga by force. While his wife was in yoga teacher training she quilted him into being her guinea pig student. Adam reluctantly agreed to help her out and pretend to be a student. Adam was not an easy student to teach and after many 'my body doesn't do that' and 'you want me to do what?!' comments Adam actually started doing yoga. To Adam's surprise, he loved it.

Adam is an Army veteran dealing with PTSD. He loved the peace that yoga brought to his normally stressed and anxious mind. Adam felt better both physically and mentally; so good in fact that he decided to go to yoga teacher training himself. Adam completed his 200 hour teaching training at Mantra Yoga at the end of June. Adam is not only 200 RYT he is also Broga® certified and licensed.

Adam realized that being an Army veteran and a yoga teacher allowed him to bring the benefits of yoga to his fellow veterans. He could be their bridge to yoga. So that they too could quiet their minds and find the peace they so deserve.

When Adam is not teaching yoga he enjoys hiking, kayaking and going on walks with his PTSD service dog DiNozzo. He lives on the North Shore with his wife Dori and two other pugs Annabelle and Fudgie.