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Yoga Teacher Graduation

They took the first step in a thousand miles journey. Six months later they now step on to the path of teaching this life changing practice and sharing what they love with others. 

Congratulations to the 2018 Mantra Yoga Teacher Training graduates!  

Mover the last six months they dove deep into their physical practice of asana, swam the depths of philosophy and learned the methodology of bundling it up into the gift of joy to share with the world. 

Im incredibly proud of this group of teachers and thrilled to share them with you. 


Alicia T.  , Mary Beth C., , Lisa M. Lisa R., Kat W., Tina M., Joan W., Amy HC., Dawn B., Kristina P Roxanne L., Sally P.  


Studio Assistant Manager

Studio Assistant Manager (Part Time or Internship)

Mantra Yoga's mission is to provide access to the balanced, healthy body and calm state of mind within us all. We offer transformation to all who seek a healthy body and calm mind through the practice of yoga. We’re passionate about what we do and offering it to everybody in a supportive, welcoming environment.

Job Description:

The Assistant Studio Manager is incredibly passionate about inspiring, empowering and assisting our members to reach their individual personal goals while providing a stellar experience at Mantra Yoga.


  • Assist clientele and provide superior customer service via class check-ins.
  • Assist our members and team with our customer's journey and experience.
  • Partner with studio owner to maintain a “like new” studio, manage props and inventory.
  • Assist with Social Media accounts; Facebook, Instagram, etc.,

Qualifications & Experience:

  • Previous Customer Service experience is a plus
  • Organized and effective time management skills
  • Loves Social Media and understands how to effectively utilize and measure metrics.

Compensation: Hourly. All team members receive free unlimited membership and team member discounts on merchandise and special events.

Contact Marlena directly for further information

Mantra Yoga 200 hr Yoga Teacher Graduates

Congratulations to the newest and most talented teachers on Bostons North Shore!

Introducing the 2017 Mantra Yoga 200hr Teacher Training Graduates class of 2017!

from left to right:

  • Tristan Stewart
  • Dawn Savioe
  • Annmarie Bedard
  • Tara Briggs
  • Paul Findlen

front row:

  • Nikki Trupiano
  • Marlena Bruno (teacher)
  • Allison Byrnes

Be on the lookout for them sharing what they love and their awesome classes on the North Shore!

Spring 2017 Class Schedule Updates!

Spring is a time to start fresh, revive and bloom!

We've watched and listened to the needs and requests of our community. With many of you stepping on your mats for the first time and many others who are ramping up their practice again, Spring is the perfect time to take stock and create a plan for growth.

We've watched our classes evolve and transform and some require a schedule update to reflect the current practice. Our Tuesdays and Thursday Morning classes will now be Vinyasa. The shift in class is rather subtle over time but it's important that the class name is reflective of the experience.

Our mission and the practice of yoga is to create balance. We also realize that many of us have specific times of day that we can practice. Therefor it makes sense to offer a variety during class time blocks so that we achieve a balanced practice. If we offer only strong fiery practices in the morning or 6pm, then those that practice during those time blocks are receiving a balanced offering and we know you appreciate and require balance.

So we have created new classes to accomplish this.

Tuesday & Thursday morning have shifted to All Levels Vinyasa and we welcome Emily to our morning teaching team on Tuesday mornings.

Marlena will now be teaching Tuesday and Thursday 6pm while Danielle focuses on teaching her regular morning offerings at Mantra Yoga.

New Classes - Same Times - Effective April 10th


  • 9:15: Marlena


Is a balanced blend of grace and strength. Yin yoga’s longer held static poses are practiced while the body is cool.  This allows access to deep connective tissue resulting in increased fascial length, range of motion and lubrication of joints for fluidity. This increased fluidity is designed to create comfort moving into our dynamic Vinyasa sequence while strengthening and lengthening muscle. YinYasa will increased energy throughout your body and provide liberation in your practice then finish beautifully with a refreshing extended Savasana.

The duality of the practice will leave you feeling physically strong, balanced and mindfully relaxed.


  • 6pm: Marlena

Roll & Release: 

Unwind, release tension and return your body back to ease and balance. Roll & Release is an intelligently designed approach of body rolling to release tension and restore range of motion throughout the neck, shoulders and lower back while incorporating a grounding practice of active release floor postures, stretches for hips & hamstrings. This class of deep tissue lengthening is perfect for dense, tight muscle and is nourishing for the stressed, tired, depleted and those suffering from muscular aches and pains.

All levels of practitioner welcome and encouraged.

Limited class size: Please preregister to ensure your spot. 


  • 6pm: Dorothy


Strength and grace meet up and find sweet bliss in this all levels class to clear your mind and melt away stress. A mindfully aligned, strengthening, Hatha style practice focusing on deep expansive breaths, leads into a gentle nourishing restorative floor practice supported by bolsters, calming music, sweet scents and essential oils. 

Expect to be pampered with kind, calming assists, creating comfort and a deep state of relaxation. Each class will conclude with an extended meditation (Savasana) leaving you feeling nourished, recharged and blissful. 


  • 9:15: Danielle (same great class but with added sweetness)

Flow + RESTore: Is a 70/30 blend of invigorating Hatha flow, beautifully synchronized with expansive breath and a “can do” state of mind to end your week. This liberating practice will lift your energy and strengthen your body, then conclude by settling you down to softly marinate and melt in to restorative postures leaving you calmly recharged and powerfully refreshed.

Class is refreshing for all levels.

  • 11AM: Kim

Community MANTRA: 

All levels flow for $10 cash drop - in.

Community Classes on Tues, Thurs and Friday night have been cancelled

Mantra of the Month

Meditating upon mantra is an ancient tool to scrub the mind of distraction and and create focus.  Set some time aside daily to sit quietly in the practice of japa meditation with this mantra filling your heart with its loving intention. 

Japa meditation: using mala beads and repeating the mantra upon each bead. 

Mantra App. No Longer Available

Due to technical issues and an inability of the provider of our app to quickly resolve the app displaying that Mantra Yoga was closed when it was not. We have had to discontinue the use of the mobile app. We apologize for any inconvenience and the misinformation it was providing. You may still access our schedule online here at our website and on our Facebook page.

Please be aware you are not required to preregister for regularly scheduled classes. You may simply arrive and check in at our front desk.

Thank you for your understanding,


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12 Days of Mantra: Holiday Celebration

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Yogi Of The Month: Tracy

How long have you been practicing?

I have dabbled in yoga here and there for about 10 years. I started doing weekends in Kripalu 3 years ago. However, it wasn't until I moved to Danvers last October before I took up a regular more consistent practice of yoga. Mantra offers such a variety and so many options! Since I started coming to Mantra I have felt that I have the support I need to develop an ongoing versatile yoga practice.

How did you find your way onto your mat?

I have always been drawn to the ancient wisdom of Rumi, Taoism and Buddhism with practices of mindfulness and a deep knowing that we are all connected. Having had a difficult childhood I found my way to the mat because it grounded me and stopped all the negative trauma stories I had about myself for at least the time I was on the mat. Being a therapist, I find that peoples stories can really get the best of us all sometimes and yoga allows for us to drop that and be present to everything in connection to the breath.

How often do you practice?

I practice at least 5 times a week in class, but I mix it up a lot. I love all of the teachers and many styles of yoga. Deana nourishes my soul. Danielle pushes me to new physical realms. Marlena challenges what I think I know and has the best yoga nidra. Carianne helps me with my physical pain and helps me stretch my neck and shoulders. Cindy has a great yin yoga class. I really get so much from each different class and style of the instructor!

What is your favorite posture?

Wild thing of course! It stretches me and opens me while also allowing me to be strong and beautiful. So much to love about it. I also anything that allows me to stretch.

What have you learned on your yogic journey?

So much! Yoga has taught me about strength, resilience, mindfulness, play, love. It has taught me that nothing is that serious, nothing is permanent, everything is always changing and the suffering comes when I cling to it having to be a certain way. It has taught me that everything is a practice. To be easy on myself and others. It has taught me about my patterns and thoughts and how they effect my body and soul. It encompasses all and I still have so much more to learn!

What advice would you share with someone who is new to yoga?

Yoga is a practice just like life. Strength, perseverance, compassion and self love is all it takes to succeed. Be easy on yourself and remember (as Deana always says) 95% is just showing up. Laugh at yourself, it's not that serious.

What benefits have you received from practicing yoga?

Yoga is my self-care and it grounds me. I come in and hit the mat and my mind is racing. By the end of the class I am cleared and ready to take on so much more. I am becoming stronger and teaching my mind, body, soul ancient lessons that shift my way of being in this world and my practice of self-love. I am learning how to love myself, free my inner child, connect to my roots, and connect to my larger purpose. I see the ebb and flow of life. I've learned to be more gentle, have more fun, and just trust whatever comes my way without so much thought or significance. I have learned how to be present and breathe and let it all be.

What's your favorite thing about practicing at Mantra Yoga?

The variety, the teachers, the many different times, the community, the knowledge and kindness of everyone that works there, the workshops, the reasonable prices, the love. I love it all <3

Thanksgiving / Cyber Monday Sale

Thanksgiving Sale

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